SUP BackPack
SUP BackPack
SUP BackPack
SUP BackPack
SUP BackPack

SUP BackPack


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Make traveling with your Freein a breeze with this modern travel bag. This bag will fit everything you need to go stand up paddle boarding. You can neatly fit your paddle board, pump, and adjustable travel paddle. This will provide you with additional room for your other SUP essentials.
  • Fits all of Freein inflatable sup, including pump, adjustable travel paddle and accessories.
  • Impressively durable nylon shell prevents damage to your board and accessories.
Kinder-SUP Kajak-SUP Umfassend-SUP Abenteurer-SUP Familien-SUP
Brettgröße 7'8(L)×28''(W)×6''(T) 10'6(L)×31''(W)×6''(T) 10'2(L)×31''(W)×6''(T) 10'2(L)×33''(W)×6''(T) 14'(L)×60''(W)×6''(T)
Maximales Gewichtslimit 176lbs (79.8kg) 286lbs (129.7kg) 265lbs (120kg) 275lbs (124.74kg) 820lbs (371.9kg)
Board weight 12.5lbs (5.7kg) 18.7lbs (8.5kg) 2lbs (9.5kg) 22.4lbs (10.16kg) 49.5lbs (22.5kg)
Halterung für Action-Kamera
SUP Pumpenadapter