Our History

Freeinsup's founder, Trevor, is very fond of water sports, especially surfing, but traditional surfboards are not portable, which always prompts him to find a lighter, more portable board.
In 2010 he accidentally discovered that a materials company in South Korea has a new dropstitch material whose strength after inflation can make the material match the strength of a traditional board. Then he got the idea to develop his own board and successfully developed his own inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP) in 2011.
Trevor wanted to share his joy with more people, then in 2013 he intervened in the paddle board industry and started creating innovative, inspired, affordable and high quality SUP products.
He founded the Freeinsup brand in 2015 and started selling SUP products. After several years of development, Freeinsup's products are diversified, with subcategories: all-round SUP, touring SUP, racing SUP, foldable kayak SUP, yoga board, fishing board, yoga mat, multi-person board, kids SUP, etc.
Inexpensive, high quality products have brought a group of loyal users to Freeinsup.