Q:How long after ordering my package will be shipped & How long does it take to delivery?

The package will be shipped within two days of your order.

Generally, it may take 3-6 working days to deliver .

Q: Why did my payment fail?

There is a chance that the credit card payment will fail.

We would recommend PayPal, which is a safer payment method and has a higher transaction success rate.

Q: Is Freeinsup ship international?

Yes! For wholesale orders please contact us info@freeinsup.de

Q: Can I pay under a payment plan?

No, but you can buy with a credit card.

Question About Product

Q: Are the inflatable boards durable to ride a dog on them?

All of our boards are dog friendly and tough enough up against their paws.

While we suggest riders have enough skills to paddle with their pets.

Q: Which board do you recommend for beginners?

We recommend our Explorer Inflatable SUP, which is suitable for all skill levels, perfect for the intermediate road or calm ocean, and it's also our most popular sup.

Q: Can the Explorer be suitable with a kayak?

The kayak seat can be used on both the Freeinsup 11'/10'2 Explorer and the Freeinsup Kayak Board.

Warranty & Repairs Question

Q: If I don't like the product, can I return it?

YES! Of course you can! Our ISUP offers 30 days free returns and a full 2 year warranty.

Q: How do i register my paddleboard for 2 year warranty?

The 2-year guarantee is automatically activated on the day of purchase and is confirmed by keeping the original or a copy of your sales receipt.

The QR code registration booklet in the package is only for customers who bought from Amazon.

Q: Which glue do you recommend for gluing patches?

You can use the cement repair below:


Or buy general purpose epoxy at your local store.

Q: My pressure gauge not working?

Please make sure that the hose is properly attached to the valve on the board and that you are pumping with enough force.

The needle does not move, until the press reaches 7PSI.