There are so many different types of SUP on the market today. For beginners, it might be difficult to figure out which type of board is best. Here are the basics so you know the difference between each type.

All-Around Board

The most popular and affordable paddleboards on the The all-round boards are on the market today. If you are a rider looking to explore the versatility of Stand Up Paddling, this board is a perfect choice. The all-round shape is ideal for beginners and intermediates.

Touring Sup

< span>The touring paddle board is mainly used for long distances in flat water, on the open sea, in bays and lakes.

It has a long, narrow shape that allows the touring board to slice through craggy water with ease and ride in a fast, straight line. < /p>

They tend to be longer than all-around boards and often have a pointed nose that helps the board glide smoothly through the water, increasing glide and keeping the board straight.< /span>

Even most touring boards are wide enough to be stable even for beginners. However, due to their length, these boards require a higher level of paddling than all-round boards and are significantly less stable than almost all other boards. In general, touring boards are not recommended for beginners.

Not to mention you have to spend an extra three to four hundred dollars to get it. On the other hand, if you want speed and imagination, this is definitely a green signal for you.

Yoga/ Fitness Sup

Yoga and fitness paddleboards are great for everything from yoga to push-ups to stretching on board.

Yoga and fitness boards are typically between 10 and 12 feet long and between 32" and 34" wide to provide optimal stability but also ensure a comfortable ride when not doing yoga.

To give your hands and feet support and traction, yoga and fitness boards usually have a continuous deck pad.

Kids Sup

Not only adults love Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Children can paddle smaller boards than adults because they weigh less and require less buoyancy. That doesn't mean they can't paddle on a board big enough for an adult.

We're looking for a board on the smaller end of the adult size range. A 7-8 foot kids board is perfect for young children to play at the lake - and for proud parents another board to add another board to their quiver.

Multi Person Sup

Multi Person Sup gives you the power you need in flat or craggy waters, or take them all Bring your friends along to catch small waves.

It's a perfect tool for families and clubs to hold team building, family outings and parties to keep more people busy on the water.

Multiple handles and inflation valves so all family/team members can carry and inflate the board.